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The Course

Free Zones are potentially powerful tools to attract investments, increase trade, and support sustainable economic development in host countries

Yet at the same time Free Zones are highly complextoolswhichrequirecarefulplanning andstrongskillsinoperationinmanagement.

ThisCoursewillprovidetheFreeZonekey playersecosystemwiththetoolstoachieve outstanding results that will reflect in a healthierandstrongereconomysurrounding thezones


What You Learn

Advance Leadership skills to lead the freeZones towards fundamental and critical changes in perspective

Tools to attract investment but also to maintainthecurrentinvestmentandbecome key partners with their tenants to expand theirbusiness

Cooperative interaction with the free zone ecosystem to provide growth and sustainability


Who Attends

This unique course is designed for Senior

ManagementpersonnelofleadingFreeZone Authorities with a view to prepare them for leadership positions. It is also conducive to professionals in legal, finance, IT, infrastructureandrelateddisciplinesaspart of support functions to freezones.


Some Job titles include:

CEO / Executive Director / President General Manager / Managing Director / VicePresident/SeniorConsultant/Headof Legal / Director Strategy / ProjectDirector

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