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The Subscriber hereby acknowledges WORLD FZO (and in the case of hosted information, that of the provider of the hosted information services) ownership of any intellectual property rights (including all patents, trademarks, copyrights, database rights, confidential information, licenses whether implied or express, trade secrets and knowhow) that are utilised by WORLD FZO and the providers of the hosted information services in connection with the provision of the WORLD FREE ZONE ORGANISATION WEBSITE (the "Intellectual Property Rights").

In order to safeguard the Intellectual Property Rights, the Subscriber shall:

  1. ensure that only its Users are permitted access to the WORLD FREE ZONE ORGANISATION WEBSITE
  2. Investigate immediately upon WORLD FZO emailed notice to Subscriber the occurrence of any unusual downloading activity by any User(s) and to provide the outcome and details of Subscriber's investigation to WORLD FZO
  3. to the extent practicable, immediately on becoming aware of any unauthorised use of the Services or other breach of the Terms and Conditions, inform WORLD FZO in writing and take all appropriate steps to ensure that such activity ceases and to prevent any recurrence
  4. issue passwords or other access information only to its Users, and ensure that its Users do not divulge their passwords or other access information to any third party, including when Users leave the employ of the Subscriber;

WORLD FZO shall indemnify the Subscriber against any direct loss or damage suffered by the Subscriber arising out of any third party claim or action that the WORLD FREE ZONE ORGANISATION WEBSITE infringes the copyright of such third party, except for any claim or action arising out of a breach of this Agreement by the Subscriber or its Users. 

The Subscriber agrees that if any such claim is made by a third party then the Subscriber will promptly notify and co-operate with WORLD FZO, and WORLD FZO shall at its request be given control of such action by granting WORLD FZO a power of attorney.  Other than in respect of information proprietary to WORLD FZO, the indemnity in this clause shall be limited to the extent that WORLD FZO may recover from its information providers

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