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One of the services provided by World FZO is to offer expert advise on any query within the domain of Free Zones. World FZO has a pool of specialists who possess expertise, knowledge-base and a vast array of experience in all aspects of free zones. if you have any query in the field of free zones and are looking for suitable advise, World FZO's experts will be too happy to share their insights and help you in making considered business decisions. Please feel free to write your question in the below form and we will be more than happy to respond to your query.

Experts Insight​ - Recently Answered Questions
Question 1: Does Free Zone growth contradict with a country's mainland economic growth ?​​

                         Lewis Leibowitz​                                     Dr Klaus Hachmeier                                                       Daniel Griswol                                         Eimantas Kiudulas​

​Question 2:
In your opinion how do you foster innovation within a free zone ?
      ​   ​​​

                          Chirag Shah                                               Joakim Reiter                                                   Lewis Leibowitz                                                     Patrick Low                     ​​​​​​​​​​

​Question 3: How can countries make use of free zones to create more start-ups and more jobs ?
​​​​​                   Daniel Griswol                                             Eimantas Kiudulas​                                              DR. Francisco L. Villanueva​                                 Dr Klaus Hachmeier                   

​Question 4:​ What in your views are the elements of a successful strategy in a free zone?
​​​​​                     Chirag Shah                                                      Joakim Reiter                                           Karina Fernandez Stark​​                                                 Patrick Low                    

​Question 5:​ In your opinion why are free zones important to a country's economy?
​​​​​                    Gustavo Silva                                           Jorge Mario Martinez Piva​                                           Mehdi Tazi​                                                           Gloria Henry​                   
Question 6:​ How do you measure the impact that free zones are having to the greater economy around them ?​
​​​​​                    GSlawomir Majman                                         Hubert Escaith ​                                           Lewis Leibowitz                                                         Joakim Reiter                   
Question 7:​ What are your future plans for continued growth in your free zone ?​
                         Gloria Henry​                                         DR. Francisco L. Villanueva​                                         Eimantas Kiudulas​​                                             Daniel Griswol